Regal provides in-home health care and support services to enable you or your family members to live safely at home. Regal’s extensive experience combined with our dedicated Clinical and Allied Health professionals ensure a holistic approach to health and well-being. Regal’s clinicians provide a governance framework  for our carers to also provide a full range of personal care and domestic services.

We understand that the provision of aged -care must focus on the needs of the elderly and respect their independence. Every person we care for becomes part of the Regal Community. Regal aged – care provides a wide range of personal care and domestic services including showering, cleaning, shopping, food preparation, gardening and transport. Social services can also be provided along with Allied Health services such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, podiatry and nutrition. Regal is a Clinical leader with our Nurses providing medication management, continence care, wound care, intravenous therapy and clinical assessments.  Regal can provide you with the care you need for the life you lead all within the safety of your own home.

What Can Aged-Care Include?

Regal can provide all the aged – care services for you or your family members to live safely at home. The home support required can be tailored specifically to your needs. Regal can provide an in-home assessment and work with you to make a plan that can be adjusted with you as your health and care needs change.

In aged – care, Regal specialises in the provision of home care packages, private care, overnight and 24/7 care. Regal can assist you to navigate the funding pathways and determine what care is available either through government funded or private means.

Regal can remove the complexity of out of in- home care. Regal can find a solution that makes aged – care easier for both those we are caring for and those family members who are part of the wider support network. All become part of the Regal Community.

Begin the Journey to Aged-Care Today

Receive the care you need for the life you lead.  With Regal, we are here to help. Regal aged-care allows you or your family members to live safely within their own home. At Regal, we have created a community that is dedicated to providing optimal care while maintaining independence at home. We work with you to determine your needs. Contact us today for more information or fill out our form online to start the journey.