In-Home Care

Choose the care you need for the life you lead.

  • Home Care Packages

    Regal can assist with all stages of your Home Care Package journey. Regal can help you navigate government websites, assessments and package allocation and activation. Once you have your package we are able to work with you to identify your needs and develop a personalised care plan.

  • DVA

    Regal has been providing personalised care for veterans for over 50 years.
    We understand veterans and are in a unique position to assist in understanding and providing services for eligible holders of Gold Cards, White Cards and Home Care Packages.

  • Private Care

    Regal can provide a full range of clinical, personal care and domestic services to help you live to the fullest in your own home. If you are waiting for a Home Care Package or do not meet government eligibility requirements, we are there to assist.

  • NDIS

    Regal is a registered service provider under NDIS and provides a full range of clinical and personal care services according to your plan requirements.

  • CTP Insurance & Workers Compensation

    Regal is a registered icare provider & has strong & trusted relationships with all major insurance companies. While we do a full range of clinical & personal care services, our clinical excellence makes us an ideal partner for those who have been injured at work or who have suffered a permanent brain or spinal injury from a motor vehicle accident.

  • Health Insurance

    Regal works with all major health insurers specialising in the provision of eligible hospital substitution services for intravenous therapy at home, complex wound care or post surgical rehabilitation. With Regal, you have the option of reducing your stay in hospital and recovering in your home.

Speak to our Regal Concierge

Regal Home Health’s in-home care services empower your personal independence.

Across Australia, the number of individuals relying on in-home care services has increased from 71,000 in 2017 to 142,000 in 2020. That’s double the number of people who need in-home care in just three years.

Since 1966, Regal has been committed to providing ageing individuals and those who require in-home support with access to the services they need to live a thriving, independent, and sociable lifestyle. As you remain in the familiarity and comfort of your own home, our healthcare professionals can help take advantage of clinical, personal, and domestic support services that empower you to make the most of every day.

Ordinary people, extraordinary care — experience the Regal difference

In-home care in Sydney is your opportunity to experience truly customised personal support services. From personal care and companionship to palliative care and in-home nursing, Regal Home Health professionals are dedicated to providing the care you and your loved ones deserve.

Whether you need support for a few hours every week or complete 24-hour care, our comprehensive and compassionate care services make us the preferred choice for families, individuals, and older adults.

When you opt for in-home care in Sydney, Regal can assist you in planning and setting up in-home care services such as:

  • Personal care — Assistance with showering, bathing, dressing, grocery shopping, and more.
  • Nursing and clinical care — Assistance with medication administration, 24-hour nursing services, physiotherapy, podiatry, occupational therapy, nutrition and enteral feeding, management and care for trauma or chronic wounds, post-operative care, respite care, operation of special equipment for lifting and transfers, palliative care, and continence and catheter management.
  • Domestic support — Help with all household tasks, home maintenance, and meal preparation.
  • Comprehensive case management — Regal Home Health in-home care professionals work with families and individuals to continually assess, plan, and refine the services that you’ll need.

As the first private Community Nursing and Allied Health Service in Australia to receive accreditation by the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards, Regal has led the way in providing the very best in-home care in Sydney. Our holistic approach to both clinical and personal care services continues to transform the lives of clients in the Regal Community.

Is Regal Home Health’s in-home care right for you?

If you know you can benefit from having Sydney’s largest network of Community Nurses supporting you to maintain your independence at home, our services could be right for you.

Regal’s Concierge and Care Services team is available for you seven days a week, giving individuals and families end-to-end support across clinical, personal, and domestic services. You can also access in-home care services from Regal Home Health if you have NDIS.

One of the most rewarding outcomes that our in-home care clients experience is the satisfaction of being able to maintain their lifestyle and sense of individuality. At the same time, in-home care clients also feel cared for, safe, and protected as they recover from important events like surgeries or transition into a new phase of life that calls for a greater level of support.


How do I know if I am eligible for in-home care?

Older Australians have the opportunity to take advantage of government-funded initiatives that focus on providing affordable in-home care services. Sydney residents can access services subsidised by the Home Care Package (HCP), which go beyond what the Commonwealth Home Support Programme supplies.

If you’re eligible for HCP, you’ll get assistance with a range of services across three main categories:

  • Services that keep you independent (personal care, nursing, allied health)
  • Services that keep you safe in a home (cleaning, home maintenance, assistive technology)
  • Services to keep you connected in the community (transportation, social support services)

So, who exactly can access these three categories of in-home care services? Besides a face-to-face assessment that helps to establish which care services you need most, you must also be:

  • An older individual who needs coordinated services to help them stay home
  • A younger individual with a disability, dementia, or other care needs that other specialist services can’t address

What is the difference between each type of in-home service at Regal?

The difference between each type of in-home care services provided at Regal is based on your (or your loved one’s) eligibility.

  • Home Care Packages — A-to-Z assistance from Regal with all stages of accessing Australia’s Home Care Package subsidies for in-home care services.
  • DVA or Veterans’ Care — Personalised assistance for holders of Gold Cards and White Cards who need access to in-home care services.
  • Private Care — Access to the full range of clinical, personal, and domestic care services necessary for independent living at home, but for individuals and families who aren’t eligible for Australia’s HCP or Commonwealth Home Support Programme.
  • Hospital substitution services — Regal’s support helps individuals looking for IV therapy, post-surgery rehabilitation, and more to reduce the time spent recovering in a hospital.
  • CTP Insurance and Workers Compensation — Assistance for those who have suffered from a permanent brain or spinal injury, motor accident, or serious injuries at a workplace and require in-home care services.
  • NDIS — Access to in-home care services for individuals who have NDIS, which is government funding for those with disabilities.

How do I choose the right service for me or my family member?

The best way to understand which services are available and right for you or your family member is to contact us right away.

Regal’s healthcare professionals can provide comprehensive support by answering questions about eligibility, working with major insurance funds, and helping you customise a plan that works for your needs. Learn more about us and the mission and vision at the heart of Regal Home Health today.