Giving back to the community

Regal Home Health takes its responsibility as an industry leader very seriously, and supports a number of fantastic community initiatives, including:

Regal Life Wisdom Group

The Regal Life Wisdom Group is an initiative started by Adj Assoc Prof Anna M Shepherd, CEO and which aims to help our global community build sustainable futures for themselves and their communities.Regal Life has established relationships with communities in some of the world’s poorest nations, where they work collaboratively to help the people help themselves.

Regal Knitters

In 2003 Patricia R Shepherd, founder of Regal Home Health, formed the Regal Knitters. She had seen first hand the social isolation of the aged and their frustration at having time on their hands and the ability to contribute – but having no project on which to work.Patricia provides wool and knitting needles to clients and their family. The squares knitted by the volunteers are donated to the Wrap with Love program, where they are assembled into wraps and given to those living in isolation and cold climates.To date, Regal Knitters have donated 25,000 squares, which have been sent all over the world.

Scholarships and education

As a leader in the community healthcare industry, Regal Home Health believes it has a responsibility to support and encourage education and research.Regal encourages those working in clinical practice in the community to apply for these scholarships:

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