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September 4, 2017

A career and education framework for Nurses in primary health care

An exciting framework has been Launched that provides YOU with the opportunity to monitor your own Career and Education.

Our CEO, Anna Shepherd was very proud to have been on the External Advisory Group for the Commonwealth Department of Health through the Australian Primary Healthcare Nurses Association.

From start to finish, the Career and Education Framework for Nurses in Primary Health has been developed using an evidence-based and rigorous approach.

From literature review, environmental scan, to 18 months of consultation with key participants with expertise from a range of primary health care settings and a variety of focus areas including clinical, policy, management, research and education.

The need for a Framework and resources was clearly articulated by all participants and demonstrated a current gap, while outlining the many and varied potential impacts the Framework would have on recruitment and retention of nurses in primary health care settings.

Most significantly, all stakeholders saw value in the Framework to improve the perceived value and professionalism of the nursing role in primary health care. Other major themes consistent across the range of consultations included the positive impact the Framework would have on strengthening undergraduate nursing curriculums and clinical placements, the development of transition support programs, supporting recruitment and retention, and opportunities for career progression.

We invited nurses to work with APNA to develop a mobile-responsive website (containing resources, information, contacts and visual career pathways) for Nurses to explore and navigate the potential of working in primary health care.

Everything down to the My Nursing Future logo, videos of Nurses working in primary health care, career advice articles, and the words of wisdom, were all developed by current and future nurses.

Take a look at why this is so meaningful to the Nursing workforce, the health workforce, and the future of health and health policy in Australia-

Australian Primary Health Care Nurses Association (APNA)