Veterans Home Care Packages

Veterans Home Care

Regal is a key provider of veteran home care packages. Entitlements under Home Care Packages are in addition to your entitlements under your Gold Card. Given current waiting periods for the approval of Home Care Packages, Regal recommends that applications for a Home Care Package are made as soon as possible so additional support is available when needed. With a Regal DVA Veterans Home Care Package:

Keep Your Gold Card

With Regal Home Care Packages, you can keep your Gold Card, maintain the services you receive under your Gold Card and receive additional support with a Regal Home Care Package.

Keep Your Regal Support Team

You will continue to be visited by your Regal Nurse and support team that currently look after you.

Expand Your Entitlements

Together we will develop a care plan that provides you with the care you need. There are a full range of services available from assistance with shopping and food preparation, gardening and cleaning, to transport and respite care.

Eligibility For A Regal Home Care Package

Talk to your Regal Nurse or contact our office team. A friendly member of the Regal team will be able to determine what we can do for you and how we can work with you to optimise your care.

Services under Regal’s Veterans Home Care Packages include:

  • Personal Care such as showering and personal assistance
  • Domestic Services such as cleaning and meal preparation
  • Clinical & Nursing services such as medication support, catheter and incontinence management through to wound care and wellbeing checks
  • Respite care
  • Dementia support
  • Gardening & home maintenance
  • Transport and shopping
  • Social activities
  • Allied Health

To learn more about a Regal Home Care Package please contact us.

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