Aged Care Home Support Services

You might be recovering from surgery or medical treatment – but life around you goes on! Your home still needs cleaning, your meals need cooking and your clothes need laundering.

Regal Home Health can help ease the management of life’s day-to-day necessities by arranging:

  • Home support services
  • Cleaning
  • Meals preparation and shopping
  • Home maintenance
  • Transport (to hospitals, appointments and shopping)
  • Companionship and respite
  • Other

We also offer a range of Allied Healthcare options

Regal Home Health takes a holistic approach to your wellbeing. That’s why we offer a wide range of health professional services that support our Nursing services that include physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and speech pathology.

Our Allied Healthcare professionals work in teams to make our at-home care system function by providing a range of diagnostic, technical, therapeutic and direct patient care and support services that are critical to the recovery and ongoing care of the patients they serve Find out how

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At Regal Health, we know how important it is for individuals to transition from hospital to home after recovering from an injury or surgery. That’s why Regal health is committed to providing the very best home support services. If you or a loved one requires, clinical or allied health services  or extra help managing day-to-day domestic tasks, we offer a range of home support services designed to enable you to recover in the comfort and safety of your own home.

Frequently Asked Questions

What services does home support involve?

Home support services are there to provide you with the help you need to live safely in your home. In that respect, a wide range of clinical, personal, domestic and social support services can be provided. If you have private health insurance then the range of services that are covered under your policy are generally restricted to hospital substitution services only. Hospital substitution services include services such as wound, catheter and intravenous antibiotics. Allied health can also be provided. Please check with your health insurer to understand the range of services covered.

Of course, Regal can provide home support services that are in addition to those covered by your health insurer. Our team of registered health professionals will help guide clients in their home to undertake tasks like cleaning, meal preparation, shopping, medication supervision, personal care (e.g. showering and dressing), general home maintenance, as well as enabling transportation to appointments, hospital visits and the shops.

We also understand that recovery journeys are not linear — that’s why we constantly review progress and work with you to amend and develop plans that suit your changing needs.

Are home support services post hospitalisation different to in-home care?

Our home support services are designed to offer clients and their networks assistance to transition to health, post hospitalisation. Post – operative care includes services such as wound, catheter and intravenous antibiotics. Allied health can also be provided.  By contrast, in-home care provides clients with ongoing access to care to help then live safely at home. The range of services are not restricted and cover all clinical, personal, domestic and social support services. Overnight and 24 hour services can also be provided. You may be eligible for in-home care if you have a Home Care Package,  covered under NDIS, CTP insurance or Veterans Gold or White Cards. We also offer options for privately funded care.

How do l apply for home support services?

If you’re interested in applying for Regal Health’s home support services or you’d like to know more about how we safely guide clients and their support networks with exceptional care, fill out an application form today. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch via email or on 02 9264 4555.

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