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Medication management is just one of the many clinical services we offer for the elderly. Most older adults take multiple medications, often with different specifications. It’s easy to forget a dosage or to get their medications mixed up. They might end up taking too much medication or not taking it all.

It is common for the ageing population to experience side effects from their medication. Some medications also increase the risk of falling or hospitalisation. In-home medication management benefits adults of any age who take five medications or more. Our team of nurses will manage medications used to treat chronic pain, diabetes, high blood pressure, incontinence, or mental health conditions. Minimise your risk of side effects and the injuries they sometimes cause from the comfort of home.

Receiving 24 hour or overnight care makes you a member of the Regal Community. Each Regal Community member receives a personalised care coordinator to manage your needs, schedule your requests and make sure that your care plan is being managed to your requirements.

Medication administration and reassessment

  • Personal Care such as showering and personal assistance
  • Domestic Services such as cleaning and meal preparation
  • Clinical & Nursing services such as medication support, catheter and incontinence management through to wound care and wellbeing checks
  • Respite care
  • Gardening & home maintenance
  • Transport and shopping
  • Social activities
  • Allied Health

Regal is there to support you and your family. To join the Regal community contact us.

When patients first begin taking a certain medication, the doctor who prescribes it performs an evaluation. They want to give the patient the best medication for their needs and their condition. It is important to provide regular reassessments to determine if the medication is working or if other treatments might be needed.

Our nurses regularly assess our clients’ needs and identify risks as part of our clinical services. They plan their care and liaison with providers to ensure every patient gets the medications they need. For people with dementia, stroke patients, and those receiving ageing care, these updates can occur frequently. We at Regal Home Health know the importance of taking care of both short and long-term needs.

Our nurses have expertise in a vast range of areas. They provide medication management along with IV therapies and injections as required. To learn more about in-home medication management for you or a loved one, contact us today. You are always in safe hands with Regal Home Health.

There are numerous reasons why patients may incorrectly take medication, including forgetting dosage schedules, mixing up medications or accidentally undertaking or overtaking prescribed medicines. But at Regal Health, we understand how essential it is to make sure medication administration is managed. As part of our clinical care services, we assist patients and their support network with in-home medication management.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can l receive medication support alongside other services offered by Regal Health?

At Regal Health, we are committed to providing the best level of care for our patients, which means we will work with you and your loved one to develop a care plan that is best suited for the level of support needed. We offer a range of in-home care services, which you’ll be able to include in your care plan when liaising with someone from our team. 

Medication management can also be utilised with a range of other clinical and care services, including: 

  • 24-hour or overnight services
  • Post operative care
  • Wound care
  • Catheter and incontinence management
  • Dementia care
  • Palliative care
  • Allied health and physiotherapy

You can also opt to receive home support services. Depending on your specific needs, these services can include home cleaning, meal preparation, shopping, assistance with personal care, general home maintenance and transportation for appointments.

What does medication management involve?

When using Regal Health’s medication management services, you’ll receive access to a registered nurse who will be able to provide exceptional clinical care. Our nurses provide a range of services, from medication management for elderly patients to evaluating a patient’s medication plan to recommend a referral to their local GP where changes to that plan may be deemed necessary.

Medication management can also be critical in providing post operative care. Regal’s Nurses are fully qualified to provide in home intravenous (IV) therapies.

Will l be able to receive medication support at home?

As we are a registered healthcare service, we are fully qualified to provide in-home medication management for patients. When chatting to someone from our Regal Health team, we will be able to advise on what kind of care services will be best suited for your recovery. We offer privately funded care, but you may also be eligible for in-home care if you have a a Home Care Package,  covered under NDIS, CTP insurance or Veterans Gold or White Cards. We also offer options for privately funded care.

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If you’d like to learn more about our medication management services or discuss what kind of support will be best suited for your needs, contact our team today to chat further on 02 9264 4555.

How Does In-Home Care Differ From Residential Care?

If you’d like to learn more about our medication management services or discuss what kind of support will be best suited for your needs, contact our team today to chat further on 02 9264 4555.

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