Medication Support

Medication management is just one of the many clinical services we offer for the elderly. Most older adults take multiple medications, often with different specifications. It’s easy to forget a dosage or to get their medications mixed up. They might end up taking too much medication or not taking it all.

It is common for the ageing population to experience side effects from their medication. Some medications also increase the risk of falling or hospitalisation. In-home medication management benefits adults of any age who take five medications or more. Our team of nurses will manage medications used to treat chronic pain, diabetes, high blood pressure, incontinence, or mental health conditions. Minimise your risk of side effects and the injuries they sometimes cause from the comfort of home.

Medication administration and reassessment

When patients first begin taking a certain medication, the doctor who prescribes it performs an evaluation. They want to give the patient the best medication for their needs and their condition. It is important to provide regular reassessments to determine if the medication is working or if other treatments might be needed.

Our nurses regularly assess our clients’ needs and identify risks as part of our clinical services. They plan their care and liaison with providers to ensure every patient gets the medications they need. For people with dementia, stroke patients, and those receiving ageing care, these updates can occur frequently. We at Regal Home Health know the importance of taking care of both short and long-term needs.

Our nurses have expertise in a vast range of areas. They provide medication management along with IV therapies and injections as required. To learn more about in-home medication management for you or a loved one, contact us today. You are always in safe hands with Regal Home Health.

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