Dementia Support

Each persons’ experience with dementia is different and therefore the dementia care and needs of each person is unique. Regal’s Aged Care Coordinators are all Registered Nurses. This experience allows them to work with you to develop dementia care plans that focus on the needs of the individual. Being Registered Nurses, our team members are also uniquely placed to recognise changes in behaviour or deterioration that may lead to changes in the types and frequency of dementia care being offered.

Regal’s dementia care services incorporate:

  • A needs-based Assessment programme
  • Dementia behavioural management
  • Development of a supportive environment
  • A consistent, experienced familiar support team
  • Specialised knowledge and experience

Regal’s vision is

“To enable people to live their lives to the fullest in their
own homes.”

This is particularly the case with dementia care. With dementia, as the condition progresses, the cognitive abilities and memory continue to decline. Simple tasks like going up and down the stairs or cooking can be dangerous. Regal’s dementia care services provide the necessary assistance and in-home support to ensure that those we care for can live safely at home.

The range of dementia care services can be varied and can be scaled depending on the individual’s needs. Overnight care and 24-hour care, 7 days per week is also available.

Regal is there to provide support and the dementia care services you need. Please contact us.

Choose the care you need for
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