Private Care

Ageing in place doesn’t have to mean giving up personal freedom. While your health, abilities and daily needs may change, your desire for independence may not. You shouldn’t have to settle for a life you don’t want, especially one that requires in-patient care. If you or a loved one wants to age at home, personal care for the elderly may be an option.

The professional experts at Regal Health make personal care for the elderly our frontmost concern. With over a half century’s experience in the healthcare industry, we remain Sydney’s foremost provider of private aged care — and your biggest advocate for living the life you want at home.

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Regal Health’s vision to provide personal care for the elderly

“To enable people to live their lives to the fullest in their own homes.”

This vision comes to life when providing 24-hour aged care and overnight personal care for the elderly. Our experienced team of carers, support workers and nurses can provide a full range of private care services to keep you safely and independently at home. We can easily adapt our services to your needs and discuss, develop and implement your care plan as a team.

Our 24-hour aged care and overnight care services are available as required. We offer one-night-only services to support your unique needs, as well as services spanning 24 hours, 7 days per week. Our 24-hour aged care services are available for post-operative care, respite care and ongoing care, each of which allows you to live safely in your own home.

Receiving 24-hour aged care services or overnight care makes you a member of the Regal Community. Each Regal Community member receives a personalised care coordinator to manage needs, schedule requests and negotiate your care plan to your requirements.

Why you should consider personal care for the elderly

Pursuing personal care for the elderly is not an admission of defeat. Instead, it’s an honest assessment of your personal needs and a commitment to maintaining a life you love. Personal aids can perform daily tasks to help you remain at home, offering a helping hand and personalised assistance without overstepping your boundaries.

Additional benefits you may receive from personal care for the elderly include:

  • Peace of mind: No need to stress about moving to a nursing home or losing your independence in a hospital. You can rest easy knowing personal care aids are available to help when necessary.
  • Affordable treatment: Rather than relying on in-house rehab or extended hospital visits, you can sign up for the occasional personal care service to save time, money and effort.
  • Respite care: Family members acting as full-time caregivers can rely on personal care for the elderly to receive a much-needed break.

How we provide personal care for the elderly

Regal Health is your Sydney provider of personal care for the elderly. With thousands of happy customers and hundreds of five-star reviews, we hold ourselves to a rigorous standard rarely replicated by other companies. We’re more than just a home health company — we’re centred on providing the care you need for the life you lead.

Services that can be provided under 24 hour aged care and overnight care include:

  • Personal care, such as showering and personal assistance
  • Domestic services such as cleaning and meal preparation
  • Clinical and nursing services, such as medication support, catheter and incontinence management to wound care and wellbeing checks
  • Respite care
  • Gardening and home maintenance
  • Transport and shopping
  • Social activities
  • Allied Health

No matter what your personal care requires or what you want your future to hold, Regal Health is always there to support you and your family. Please contact us today to join the Regal Community.

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