Private Care

Regal’s Vision

“To enable people to live their lives to the fullest in their
own homes.”

This vision comes to life when providing 24 hour aged care and overnight care services. Our experienced team of carers, support workers and Nurses can provide a full range of private care services to keep you safely and independently at home. Our services can be adapted to your needs and together we will discuss, develop and implement your care plan.

Our 24 Hour aged care and overnight care services are available as required. One night only through to 24 hours, 7 days per week. Our 24 hour aged care services are available for post-operative care through to respite care to ongoing care to allow you to live safely in your own home.

Receiving 24 hour aged care services or overnight care makes you a member of the Regal Community. Each Regal Community member receives a personalised care coordinator to manage your needs, schedule your requests and make sure that your care plan is being managed to your requirements.

Services that can be provided under 24 hour aged care and overnight care include:

  • Personal Care such as showering and personal assistance
  • Domestic Services such as cleaning and meal preparation
  • Clinical & Nursing services such as medication support, catheter and incontinence management through to wound care and wellbeing checks
  • Respite care
  • Gardening & home maintenance
  • Transport and shopping
  • Social activities
  • Allied Health

Regal is there to support you and your family. To join the Regal Community please contact us.

Choose the care you need for
the life you lead.