Respite Care

Regal understands the commitments and challenges of providing care for those you love. Carers, for their wellbeing, also need time for themselves. This is where in home respite care can help. Respite care provides short term relief for primary care givers. In home respite care can be arranged for just an afternoon, for several days or weeks.

Regal’s care and support workers are able to come to your home and provide the support that you require. Under respite care, a full range of services are available. These services include:

  • Personal Care such as showering and personal assistance
  • Domestic Services such as cleaning and meal preparation
  • Clinical & Nursing services such as medication support, catheter and
    incontinence management through to wound care and wellbeing checks
  • 24 hour & overnight care
  • Transport and shopping
  • Social activities

Regal is there to support you and provide you with the in home respite care you need. Please contact us.

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