Level 1 Home Care Package

A Level 1 Home Care Package is the entry level package, this is designed to support those people with basic care and support needs. People given a Level 1 Home Care Package are normally still very independent and can perform most day to day tasks on their own. 

A Level 1 Home Care Package attracts around $9,000 per year to use for support and care. 

What services are included in Level 1 Home Care Package?

A Home Care Package is designed by you, you can spend your funds on the support and care you need. Most people with Level 1 Home Care Packages use their funds on things like gardening or cleaning. Or maybe having someone take you to do your shopping. 

At Regal, a Level 1 Home Care Package  would normally allow you around 2 hours of support each week. You will decide what services and care you want with your Care Coordinator when they design your individualised care plan. 

How much does a Level 1 Home Care Package cost?

All levels of Home Care Package incur fees from their provider, these fees vary greatly across the industry. Regal keep their fees low and truly believe your funds should be spent on your care. Please visit our Fees & Hours page for more details.