Palliative Care

Regal’s clinical expertise is embedded in all we do. From our Registered Nurses to our carers and support workers, we understand the needs of those we care for. This is particularly important when providing palliative care at home. With palliative care at home, needs can change quickly and care plans may need to be amended to take note of changing circumstances.

While managing the symptoms of life limiting illnesses is critical, so is the emotional and psychological support for both those we care for and their families. Palliative care is not provided in isolation. The network of support can be wide and at Regal we understand the need to engage with all support networks to provide comfort at the end stage of one’s life.

Regal can also assist in advising and arranging the provision of specialist equipment to help those you love to come home from hospital and spend valuable time with friends and family.

Regal is there to help and provide quality palliative care. Regal’s palliative care services are available across all regions of Sydney. Please contact us.

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