Regal Health is now offering clinical and non-clinical services to the Nepean and Lower Blue Mountains Region


Your journey to health & home care


Aged Care

Regal’s vision is:
“To enable people that need care to
live their lives to the fullest in their
own home”.

Home Care Packages

A Home Care Package is a
coordinated package of in home
care and services to help you live
independently and safely in your
own home.

Disability Support

Regal is a registered NDIS & icare
provider, providing in home support,
clinical services and support in the

24 Hour & Overnight Care

Regal has a full range of support,
care and clinical services for 24 hour
and overnight care.


Regal was established to provide
care to Veterans and has been
providing Veterans services for over
55 years.

Questions to ask a care provider

  • Are 100% of their care team fully vaccinated against covid 19
  • Do they provide clinical, personal, domestic & social support services?
  • Are Nurses and Care Workers available 24/7?
  • Is there phone support 7 days per week ?
  • Will I get the same carer(s) each week ?
  • Are they industry accredited ?
  • Do they work with all bodies who might help fund my care ?
  • DVA
  • NDIS
  • I-CARE
Regal is a YES!

Regal Can Do It All

Understand what is important to you

Speak to My Aged Care With You

Help with your aged care assessment (ACAT)

Activate your package

Help you choose the best care to achieve your goals

Deliver your services

Low Fees

Low Fees = more hours of care

No Exit Fees

Personalised Care

Home visits from your own Care Coordinator

Registered Nurse Oversight

Regal Nurses oversee all Home Care Packages

Phone Support

A friendly voice available 7 days per week.

1994 – 2021


People, Culture & Diversity

Regal values the diversity of the Regal Community: Those that care as part of our team, and those that we care for. Regal is committed to an inclusive, respectful and equitable environment that is multi cultural, respects our elders, honours our first people, promotes gender equity, recognizes the rights of LGBTIQ+ and gives equal opportunities to those with disabilities.

What our clients say about us

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Choose the care you need for
the life you lead.

Regal Home Health: Your journey to health and home care

As the city’s largest network of community nurses, care and support workers, Regal Home Health is proud to serve Australians with first class home care across Sydney. Our warm, friendly and dedicated team is available 7 days per week to provide superior clinical, personal and domestic services spanning aged care home support, disability services, in-home nursing, medication management, dementia services, overnight care, allied health services, private care, and veteran care.

The care you and your loved ones deserve, tailored to your needs

As Sydney’s in home care service specialists, compassion has always been our priority. We work collaboratively with our clients and their families to navigate funding pathways and develop a cost-effective plan tailored to the unique requirements of each individual. It can be difficult to forecast future service needs, which is why we create a bespoke, flexible care roadmap that accommodates anything from short term respite care to longer-term structured palliative care.

A leading provider of high-quality home care in Sydney for more than 55 years, our commitment to home care excellence is evidenced through our decades of experience. Placing your health and wellbeing into the hands of someone you trust is crucial to your happiness, so at Regal Home Health, we take care to match the right support staff with your requirements, taking preferences, gender and cultural backgrounds into account.

Leading experts in senior home care, Sydney wide

There’s nothing like the comfort and familiarity of your own home. Given the option, most seniors prefer to remain in familiar surroundings rather than move to a nursing home. As experts in senior home care across Sydney, we empower people to continue living independently, function at their greatest potential, and enjoy life to the fullest.

When it comes to home care for seniors in Sydney, a little bit of help can go a long way. Whether you’re looking to relieve family members of their carer responsibilities to alleviate burnout or need assistance in managing chronic health conditions, our varied service options range from gardening and home maintenance to 24-hour care.

If you want to find out more about our in home care services in Sydney, or you have any questions about our senior home care in Sydney, reach out to our friendly team today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to learn more about our home care in Sydney? Read through our FAQs below.


How does home healthcare work?

Home health care provides seniors and the disabled with the ability to live independently and safely in their own home. At Regal Home Health, we provide home support services including home care packages, case management, nursing services, domestic services, NDIS services, overnight & 24/7 care, respite care, allied health, specialist wound care, continence and clinical services.

Who pays for home health care?

You may be eligible for funding for home health care through one of the following funding programs:

  • Home Care Packages
  • NDIS
  • Private
  • DVA
  • Insurance

Regal’s care team can work with you to determine the most appropriate funding pathway for your care.

How much does it cost for home care?

There are a variety of government funded programs that may cover a large percentage of your home health care costs. Billing rates may vary greatly, depending on what home care services you require and what government assistance is available.

Regal’s care team can work with you to maximise your available benefits. Regal is proud to provide quality care at competitive rates. Regal’s Home care package charges are a maximum of 20%, leaving 80% for extra care with no mark up on external services and no exit fees.

How do I get home health care?

Our Regal care team can remove the stress by helping you to navigate the myriad of home health care options. We can assist you in choosing the care you need for the life you lead. Please call us on 02 9264 4555 to speak with one of our Care specialists or you can fill out our online form for choosing the care you need.

How to choose a home health care provider?

When choosing a home health care provider, there are important questions that must be answered to be able to provide optimum care. When talking to provides, please ask them:

  • Do they work with all bodies who might help fund my care?
  • Is there phone support 7 days per week?
  • Are Nurses and Care Workers available 24/7?
  • Are they experienced in care coordination?
  • Can they start within 24 hours?
  • Do they employ their own Nurses and Care Workers?
  • Are they industry accredited?

Our professional staff are here to help you determine your needs. Call us today on 02 9264 4555 to speak with one of our Care specialists.