What is a Home Care Package?

A Home Care Package is a coordinated package of in-home care and services to help you live independently and safely in your own home.

A Home Care Package refers to a set amount of money that is provided by the government, the way you spend the money is decided by you and your dedicated Care Coordinator. They will work with you to ensure your funds are used optimally to support you and help you live independently at home.

There are a set amount of packages released by the Government. This could mean that after you have been approved for a Home Care Package you may need to go onto the National Queue until there is one available for you.

Is a Home Care Package the right choice for me?

A Home Care Package may be a good option if you need a coordinated approach to help in the home. Perhaps you need assistance with numerous day-to-day tasks, or the care you require is more intensive or complex.

A Home Care Package enables you to work alongside your Care Coordinator to choose the right amount of care for you.

What services are available to me in my Home Care Package?

There are a range of different services available through Home Care Packages in Sydney. The services you receive will depend on the level of package you receive, but can include:

  • In Home Nursing Do we add in links to 24/7 page? Also i think gardening, shopping and cleaning are teh key words-that is what most of the clients use thier package for which is not on this list?
  • Gardening, shopping and cleaning
  • Personal Care
  • Meal preparation
  • Help with home chores
  • Transport
  • Aids to help maintain independence
  • Help with continence or impairments
  • Home and garden maintenance
  • Social and group outings
  • Physiotherapy, podiatry and other therapies
  • Required changes to the home

How long will I have to wait for my Home Care Package?

The length of time you wait for your package and how your position in the National Queue is determined is by the assessor at your Aged Care Assessment. They will determine your priority by looking at the type of care you require and assessing the risk to you without care. You can be given low, medium or high priority.

What happens if my circumstances change while I’m waiting for a Home Care Package?

Once you are on the National Queue and waiting for a Home Care Package things can change, your needs may increase or you may decide you need residential support. If your circumstances change please call My Aged Care on 1800 200 422 and ask them to contact your Aged Care Assessor. They will then call you and organise a new assessment if required or review your priority in the National Queue.

There are four levels of Home Care Packages to help meet the different levels of care needs.

Level 1 Basic Care

worth approximately

$9,179 a year

Level 2 Low-level care

worth approximately

$16,147 a year

Level 3 Intermediate care

worth approximately

$35,138 a year

Level 4 High level care

worth approximately

$53,268 a year

The level of package you are approved for is decided by the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT). Regal can assist you with booking an ACAT assessment, guide you through the process and advocate for you as your needs change and you require a higher package.

What are the differences between the four levels of care?

Level 1 Basic Care — Provides basic assistance and support to help you stay independent at home. It may involve approximately 2 hours of care each week.

Level 2 Low-Level Care — Similar to the basic care level, it may involve approximately 4 hours of care each week.

Level 3 Intermediate Care — Provides extra support to enable you to remain living at home. It may involve approximately 8 hours of care each week.

Level 4 High-Level Care — Provides a high level of care to tend to more intensive or complex nursing needs. It will usually involve approximately 13 hours of care each week.

Do I have to pay fees and contribute to my Home Care Package?

All Home Care Package providers charge fees. These fees can vary substantially between providers. Regal has some of the lowest fees in the industry — we believe that the funds you receive for your Home Care Package should be spent on care and services for you.

Please visit our Fees & Hours page for more information on our Home Care Package fees.

The Australian Government expects anyone with a package to contribute and make a copayment towards their services and care. More detail on the expected contribution can be found on the ‘Will i have to contribute to my package page

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A Home Care Package can be an invaluable support layer for you and your loved ones. Having a coordinated package of care and an individual Care Coordinator to guide and support you can make all the difference. At Regal, we’re here to help you through every step of your journey.

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