Why Choose Regal?

Over 55 Years Experience

Since 1966, Regal Health has been providing clinical, personal and domestic support in the community, with the goal of helping people live their life to the fullest. We’re the first private Community Nursing Service in Australia to be accredited by the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards — and when surveyed by them, we consistently receive outstanding results on our services. We’ve been trusted by many to deliver in home care for over 55 years.

Personalised Support

If you choose Regal, you will be assigned a Disability Coordinator
who works with you to develop a Personalised Care Plan in line
with your goals. Your Disability Coordinator will oversee your disability services and ensure they are being delivered in line with this plan.
They will work with you to regularly review this plan and adjust it so it
continues to suit your lifestyle.

In Home Nursing Support

Regal has a team of Community Nurses who specialise in supporting people with disability. If you require complex clinical support ongoing or even a once off visit from a Nurse, Regal can organise for a Community Nurse to attend to you in your home. You can find all your in home disability services in the one place!

Regal is there to support you and your family. To join the Regal Community please contact us.

What our clients say about us

– Beth

I want to thank Regal for the wonderful care they are giving my father. He’s 97, I’m his only child still living and up until now, even though we had a Provider for some six years, my mind was never at peace regarding his welfare. Some of the girls were very good workers and kind to him but most didn’t have a clue or just sat there. Showing initiative in seeing what needs to be done and doing it, just wasn’t there.

Dad signed with Regal about a month ago and the difference is huge. He has a Carer coming in twice a day. One of the ladies, Lucy, has even had him him potting tomatoes, cucumber and herbs out on the verandah. His knees are bone on bone but she works around that. She’s getting him interested and physically motivated to do something he enjoys.

The house is being properly cleaned, not just a dab of a duster here and there and on the whole, he’s enjoying the food the girls cook. He is a fussy eater, always has been. They’re taking him on appointments I would have normally had to do and generally taking so much of the pressure off me. The other thing is he trusts them.

If the need arises, I can leave a message with his Case Manager and she will usually get back to me within the hour. This never happened with the previous Company.

When I found out that Regal had been started by a Nurse, I knew he would be properly cared for. I’m 71 and have been the main person responsible for my Father for some fifteen years now and while I don’t live with him, I was tired! Our parents are living way beyond what their parents life spans were. My father and mother were in their 50’s when their parents died, as most people’s were. We are twenty years older.

Regal have given me back my life and I am so grateful.

In appreciation

Choose the care you need for
the life you lead.