Our Commitment

Regal Home Health makes life easier by working closely with those seeking health and support services to provide options for in-home care. Through established and trusted networks, Regal is able to quickly assess people’s needs to provide cost effective and sustainable solutions to people seeking to live independently at home.

People who feel empowered and independent in the care delivery process usually recover more quickly and are less likely to be re-admitted to hospital. Regal monitors its recruitment and service delivery practices very closely to ensure that nothing is overlooked, from the process of deciding to receive care at home, to being able to live independently with optimal health and wellbeing.

Regal responds within 24 hours.
Regal is reliable.
Regal does what we say we can do immediately.

Regal provides care to thousands of people each year. We have a team that has extensive experience, training and a commitment to excellence, which focuses solely on our clients’ wish to stay at home, supported by a culture of service excellence.

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