Regal Community

August 31, 2017

Community Nursing Week

Regal Home Health is proud to partner with the Australian College of Nursing for Community Nursing Week.

18-24 SEPTEMBER 2017


Now in its 3rd year, the ACN Community and Primary Health Care Nursing Week is held annually to raise awareness of the current and potential contribution of community and primary health care nursing to the health care system and highlight its impact on the wellbeing of individuals and those in local communities.

The 2017 Community & Primary Health Care Nursing Week will be held from Monday 18 to Sunday 24 September 2017.


Community and Primary Health Care nurses are enrolled nurses, registered nurses and nurse practitioners whose work settings may include hospital-affiliated clinics, community health centres, homes, schools, prisons, maternal and child health centres, and a range of other health service settings.

Community and Primary Health Care nursing practice includes health promotion, illness prevention, treatment and care of the sick, advocacy and rehabilitation (APHCRI 2009). The provision of Community and Primary Health Care Nursing supports individuals to more effectively manage their well-being within their communities and improve health outcomes (Keleher 2001).

Community and Primary Health Care Nursing (CPHCN) makes an important contribution to health care however its current and potential contribution is not well recognised by politicians, the nursing professions, the broader healthcare community and the general public. Raising the awareness of CPHCN supports the shifting of care from the acute to the primary health care sector.

Nurses lead and provide care in many community-based health services across the country, striving to improve equity of access for the hardest to reach communities and promoting the integration of health care delivered by a range of services.