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December 30, 2015

Professions Survey 2015-Nurses still most highly regarded

A very large majority, 92% (up 1% to its highest since 2003) of Australians aged 14 and over rate Nurses as the most ethical and honest profession – the 21st year in a row since Nurses were first included on the Roy Morgan survey in 1994.

Of all 30 professions surveyed in 2015 a majority, seventeen, decreased in regard to ethics and honesty while ten professions increased and only three professions were unchanged.

Other professions that also gained high ratings for ethics and honesty in 2015, included Doctors 84% (down 2%), Pharmacists 84% (down 2%), School Teachers 78% (up 6%), Engineers 74% (up 2%), Dentists 71% (down 3%), Police 69% (down 2%), State Supreme Court Judges 69% (down 1%) and High Court Judges 68% (down 6%).