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What is the NDIS?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a government scheme designed to give people with a disability the support they need to live a better life.

The support comes in the form of packages – each one tailored to meet the needs of the individual. An NDIS service provider can develop a plan to ensure you get the support you need.

Disability is a very broad term. The NDIS is for eligible people with disabilities of various types, including:

  • Intellectual
  • Physical
  • Sensory
  • Cognitive
  • Psychosocial

The NDIS addresses permanent and significant disabilities. These are disabilities that generally last a lifetime or make it difficult to carry out everyday tasks.

The NDIS also provides early intervention support for eligible people with a disability or children who have a developmental delay. The goal here is to minimise the impacts of the disability or the developmental delay and to enable the person to develop life skills and independence.

One of the primary aims of the NDIS is to reassure all Australians that support is available if they, or a family member, are born with or acquire a disability.

An important point to make about the NDIS is that it’s not a welfare system. Instead, it’s a system that enables people to access the help and support they need, with the ultimate goal of improving their set of skills and level of independence. In this way, people living with a disability can reach their goals and participate more fully in the community.

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Types of support funded by the NDIS

The NDIS can fund many different types of support, depending on the needs of the participant. These include:

  • Therapeutic and health support, including behaviour support
  • Support with domestic tasks to enable the client to maintain their home
  • Support for carrying out daily personal activities
  • Workplace help
  • Transport support
  • Home modification support
  • Support for mobility equipment

The supports and services you are eligible for will be outlined in your plan.

When you choose an NDIS services provider, such as Regal, we will work with you to deliver all the support services listed in your plan.

Types of therapeutic and health support available through the NDIS

NDIS fundable therapeutic and health support is grouped into eight main categories, including:

  • Wound and pressure care supports
  • Diabetic management supports
  • Continence supports
  • Podiatry supports
  • Respiratory supports
  • Dysphagia supports
  • Epilepsy supports
  • Nutrition supports

As an experienced NDIS services provider, Regal has a track record of clinical excellence. Our community nurses can provide all the therapeutic and health support you need to a very high standard.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I be eligible for NDIS support services?

There is a checklist for NDIS eligibility. The key criteria are outlined below.

  • You must be between 7 and 65 years of age. If you are over 65, there are other supports you can access such as Aged Care.
  • You must reside in Australia and have Australian residency.
  • You must have a Permanent or Special Category Visa to be eligible for NDIS support services.
  • You must need support from somebody else due to a permanent and significant disability.
  • You must need some support services now to decrease your need for support in the future.

If you’d like more help to determine your eligibility, get in touch with the Regal NDIS services providers in Sydney for expert advice.

I am waiting for approval from NDIS – can I still apply for the NDIS services from Regal Home Health?

Yes. You can apply for Regal’s NDIS services while you’re waiting for your approval to come through. Simply fill in the information about the services you need on our NDIS support provider page, and we’ll get in touch with you the following business day.You can also contact the Regal Sydney NDIS service providers here.

What sort of services does Regal Home Health provide for NDIS clients?

Regal is a registered NDIS services provider. We offer a comprehensive and complete range of clinical and personal care services relevant to NDIS patients, including:

  • Clinical services – nursing care for all clinical requirements
  • Medication support – medication management and administration
  • Allied health – occupational therapy, physiotherapy, podiatry and nutritional services
  • Respite care – support for the carer and the patient
  • Personal care – showering and personal hygiene
  • Meal preparation – planning, shopping and preparing food
  • Social activities – participating in the community and connecting with others
  • Cleaning – scheduled cleaning or spring cleaning services

What is the difference between NDIS and disability support pension?

The purpose of the NDIS is to fund support connected to disability. The disability support pension (DSP) exists to help with the living costs that people with a disability may experience.

The DSP is a payment from Centrelink, while the NDIS is a payment from the National Disability Insurance Agency, an independent statutory body.
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